• torhild

Reflections for MKT 250

I had never imagined there were so many things to think about when creating an ad campaign. And I’m still not sure I got it right. But I am very grateful for all the guidance and help I receive through the lessons and peer discussions. It has been fun to see all the different business ideas of the other students and their solutions.

After five days of running the ads with 6.64 K impressions and 321 clicks, I have yet to receive any emails or feedback from anyone wanting my services. That is a bit discouraging. It is also a sign that I have to change my ads. I need to study to see what attracts people to click on my ad and what prevents them from taking the next step. Since most of the clicks come from the word “translation,” I will have to see how I can improve the ad so that primarily those who desire genealogical translation will click on it. I am also considering narrowing the area the ad is shown to only the states where most of the Scandinavians settled. It is more likely that they will be the ones who have old letters and documents needing translation.

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