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Before starting any projects, large or small, a detailed project agreement between the client and Scandinavian Family Research Services will be created to ensure that the researcher has a clear understanding of the client's expectations and boundaries. 

I am also happy to offer some free advice and consultation over the phone or via email to help you move along in your own research. Actual research will not be performed during a free session.


Research:                                                                                                    $45/hr*



•      Research report

•      Documentation

•      Transcript and translation of important documents

•      Source list and Research Log

•      Gedcom or Ancestry tree of research findings


•      Gedcom loaded to a flash drive                           $25 per flash drive

•      Info typed into genealogical site                          $40/hr


Transcript and/or translation of documents:                                          $40/hr   


Document lookup:                                                                                      $25/doc or $40/hr

Verification of existing research:                                                              $35/hr

One-on-one instruction/advise per phone/Zoom/Skype or email:      $35/hr

* 10% discount for projects over 10 hours

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