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This is me!

I was born in Bodø, Norway as the youngest in a family of five. After completing high school, I moved to France for a few months before starting my education as a technical translator in French. Having just been introduced to #family #history and #genealogy, I almost failed my first semester in college since I’d much rather sit and scroll old films looking for ancestors than go to school. So, genealogy was placed on a shelf for close to 3 years while I earned my Associates's degree.

In 1993 I moved to Lillehammer, Norway where I had the fortunate opportunity to work in the tourism industry during the 1994 Olympic games. What fun! This is where I decided it was time to work on my own family history again and was lucky enough to visit farms that my family lived on before moving to northern #Norway. What an incredible experience it was to be able to walk in the footsteps of my ancestors!

After completing another Associates's degree, this time in finance and accounting, I worked for a few years as a finance manager in a small advertising company. I still enjoyed tourism and worked part-time as a tour guide for an adventure company. But my passion laid still within genealogy. So, in my spare time, I keep working on finding my ancestors and building my family #tree. I also attended all online education I could find.

In 2001, after meeting and marrying my American husband, I moved to Logan, Utah. Living in the heart of “Family History Land” and with more and more genealogical #records being available online, I was able to not only focus on my own family but also start working on helping others with their lines. In addition, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local family history library.

Now, 20 years later I have helped countless people work on their family history, created and taught classes in genealogy, served more than 15 years as a family history #consultant in my local church, and I have had the opportunity to train many others to become leaders and teachers in genealogy.

Since there is always a need to improve oneself, I am currently in the process of getting accredited as a #professional #genealogist through ICAPGenSM (The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists). In addition, I am pursuing another Associates's degree – this time in family history and genealogy - at BYU-Idaho. My focus is on #Scandinavian research.

I love life. As shown by my pictures above, I enjoy time with family, traveling, skiing and snowboarding, fishing, scuba diving, and much more. I also love family history, I love helping others find their ancestors and roots, and I cannot think of anything better than spending my days following my passions.

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